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Hoods and Tees Tee Shirt

When we sat down and drew up our plans, we looked at a few options when it come to decorating our garments.

We decided that we would use a Heat Transfer Vinyl. HTV is cut from a vinyl sheet via a special cutting machine. its extremely precise, and able to handle fairly complex designs, (cleaner lines and curves versus embroidery). 

We then “weed” it by taking out all the vinyl that we do not need, once it’s ready depending on the number of colours used  it is either layered up to build the design, or placed onto the garment, taken to our press and heated for (X) seconds at over 160c the pressure, and the heat combined activate the “glue” and bond it to the garment. 

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Care Instructions

More often than not most personalised garments are only worn for a specific event, or a short period of time. 
It’s too easy to wash, and throw your garments into the washing machine and tumble dryer not thinking too much about it time and time again. to make your garment last for as long as you can we suggest the following. 

Vinyl washing

Our Vinyls can be washed up to 60c

 We suggest washing inside out and as lower temperature as you dare. 

Tumble drying

Vinyl is fine to to be tumbled too, it can withstand temperatures up to 100c. 

We suggest sticking garments on the line! 😉 but if you must, turn the garment inside out However constant tumbling can lead to faster degradation


You can even iron your vinyl. 

Inside out is best. 

We think you will like our heat vinyl transfers too.

In most cirmcumstances the vinyl will last longer than the garment it is attached!

our whole design process happens digitally, we can confirm your design in a few hours of receiving it.

Which ever colour you choose, it doesn’t matter how many garments you choose. the colour of the vinyl will remain the same throughout the variations

Minimal set up, means  minimal set up fees. There is no screen to make, or a test patch for embroidery. in fact there are no minimums either.