How We WOrk

1. Select Your Garment Type

When we sit an look at our competition (on island and online) the first thing that we notice is the sheer number of items available. 

I don’t know about you, but going shopping for a single pair of jeans is hard enough, let alone trying to cater for 2-100 of my friends, employees, club members too. 

We have stripped it back to what we believe offers the best in value for what we charge. 

4. Would you like to customise this?

Ticking yes (and we hope you do, as that’s why you are here) opens up much more to the order form. 

Here you will need to select whether its an image or text you would like placed on your garment, the location, and colour of the applied graphic/text. 

If you choose text you will need to select a font and enter what you would like it to say.  If you have multiple names, or differences to order, you can always drop us a line ([email protected]) and let us know. 

You can also specify your own fonts should you wish to chose. 

2. Choose your Colours

With some lines having as many as 60 colours available, we find it better to select a generic colour during the order process, and then if required match specifically to your needs based on availability. 

5.Whats with all the prices attached to each step?

We believe in transparent pricing. 

The less work we do, the less we charge you for your garment.  We know ourselves that every order will be different in so many ways, so we decided that we couldn’t offer a single price point for each garment. as the variations are too great; why should someone wanting a simple name on the front of a shirt, pay the same as a full on a full front logo with extra sparkles!!

3. Which Sizes do you require

Select the number of sizes you need.  This is where you begin to build your order.  We do offer discounts for bulk ordering through the table on our order form.  

Discounts and Wait times

We love to show our work off, so by agreeing to us using your image we create before we confirm your order on our website, we will take off the price of a single colour vinyl for every unit you purchase. 

Let us show our own little logo on your garment, on the sleeve or on the back below the collar, and we will take off the logo placement fee too (per garment). 

How Soon Do you need your Order?

Importing anything to the Island is costly, there is a limit to how much of these associated costs that we can absorb, especially as we a start-up.

So with that in mind, and trying to keep your costs as low as possible, we have decided to order once a month for those who are in no rush for their garments and there is no fee for this. If you need it sooner, then we can get these for you (especially if your order is over £250).

There are two options for time-specific orders:
1) “We need it now” £14.99  – this is a direct postage cost to you.  Orders OVER £249 need not pay for this.
2) “We can wait a bit, but not a whole month” £7.49 – we can speed things up and share the costs with another customer to get the items shipped sooner. Orders over £249 will qualify for instant ordering.